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Most organisations suffer because they have not captured their lessons learnt by way of repository so that the process can be refined and also the learning can be passed on to the new members joining the family. This knowledge repository built can be used as proccessed information and to manage churn too, and lead the learners to adapt to the way of life in the organisation quickly. The most challenging task of e-Learning/Training is to capture the process and in building the right content approaches which will help in realizing the objectives of the organization.

Dhii's e-Learning team comprises of subject and domain experts with illustrators, graphic designers, 2D animators, 3D animators, instructional designers and software programmers. Together, they generate the content which aids the client's team and prospective learners/new-comers to get to speed in understanding the business procesess.

Visit our Process Excellence page to know more on how we are connected to our customers and partners.

If you are interested in knowing more, please write to us at info@dhii.in.